Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hello! Welcome to my blog where I can talk about my passion for crochet. Sit, relax, have a cupa and lets enjoy! I am new at designing my own patterns and I would love to hear from you if you have made any of my designs!
I am obsessed about collecting patterns for crochet on the web. I have amassed over 20 binders for patterns. Each binder is a different crochet item. You can never have too many patterns or too much yarn! Now if I could only make my husband Randy understand this.......But alas, he has not got a clue. I never buy yarn when I am with him!

Now I really value honesty in any relationship but my Nonna always taught her daughters and granddaughters this golden rule - "Never tell your husband how much money you have or how much something costs. If you follow this rule you will have a very happy marriage!" And Nonna was married more than 60 years. Nonna was a very smart woman and this advise will be passed down! I always listened to my Nonna who is now very happy in Heaven. I know she would say "you go girl" in her broken english Italian accent.

One thing Nonna always said to me was "Eat, you're too thin" ( say this with the Italian accent) when I was growing up. Boy was she wrong there! Now her advise would be
"Stop eating - you're too chubby"!!!

I grew up in a large Italian family in the New Haven CT area. I think that over 50% of the families were of Italian descent. My mom was one of 10 children - 6 girls and 4 boys.
My dad was the oldest of 14 children. Nine boys and 5 girls. They both came from farm families. My Nonna is my mothers mom. I have a bagillion cousins! We always got together for big family dinners and parties. And the food! Well what can you say about the food that would even attempt to do it justice? What a love affair that was. I miss those days so much. They were so special.

I wish that there was a "way back" machine for humans to use. I would love to go back and visit specific days in my life even if it was just for a few hours. How wonderful would that be? All the loud, boisterous, energetic, argumentative and loving occasions!

Most Italians when excited, talk in a low roar. My husband and I have been married more than 22 years and he still says to me "why are you yelling?" And I keep saying - "How many times do I have to tell you - I AM NOT YELLING I AM JUST TALKING" He is Irish - never will understand an Italian - that is just a cross I must bear. But in spite of his fault he is still my Mr. Wonderful. And besides , my grandparents were hard of hearing. So in order for them to hear us we had to up our voices 40 or 50 decibles so they could hear us. Also, I am a registered nurse who has worked many years with the elderly and they had hearing problems. So you had to talk louder. And my mother is deafer than a box of rocks! You could scream and she would not hear you. So whenever I visit my mother, you have to write down all of the conversation so she can understand you. Of course she answers back with speech but you have to spend hours getting writers cramps just to ask her what she had for dinner!!!

But bless her heart - she is 95 years young. She lives in a nursing home and is the worlds best nursing home patient. She really loves it there and loves being waited on hand and foot! Every Queen Mother must have her court. LOL! And she still rules hers with an Iron hand!! Now she is the "Nonna" and someday I will inherit that title from her. My future grandkids will call me Nonna etc. etc. etc. Ah! such a legacy.

Now wait a minute you say - where is the talk about crochet? Well dear reader, it will come. And come and come and come................. I guarantee you will grow weary of hearing nothing but crochet. And if you believe that - I have some swamp land for sale in Florida!! I love to talk (who does not?) and one sentence runs into another and one thought gives birth to another and yadayadayadayada! There I go again - diarrhea of the mouth! I promise to (NOT) stay on track. I promise I will try to keep my thoughts short and too the point. But then again, I AM Italian. Who knows? I guess we shall just have to wait and see. Hugs to you all.