Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hello Dear Readers!  I hope that you are well and having a great week.  I wish you joy and peace of mind and no stress....I wish you all to have all of your needs met and enough money to pay your bills and feed your families.  I wish you happiness and laughter and sunshine in your life. I hope you remember to count your blessings every day for I know they are many.  Don't forget to give thanks to the Universe and God for them  all.  The world loves a grateful heart.
Practice random acts of kindness.  They will bring you joy!  I have been in the drive thru line for many fast food restaurants.  The best times are when I get to the window to pay for my order. I ask the person if the car in back of me has placed their order.  If they have, I will pay for it.  I tell the cashier to tell them it was from a friend.  And then I drive off.  I feel so wonderful all day long.  Just thinking about their surprise and I hope delight  when they find out that their order has been paid for makes me smile for a week!  What a wonderful gift I have given myself!
I go through my day with a smile on my face.  It makes people crazy when they ask what I am smiling at and I say "Oh Nothing!"  hehehehehe!  You should try it.  I love to do it at Dunkin Donuts!  It does not cost much for coffee and a donut and it brings such joy to the giver and the receiver.  I don't do it all the time.  I could not afford to.  We all know how tight money is right now.  But the rewards are great.  I also like to pay it forward.  If someone does something selfless and nice to me I will pay it forward by doing something nice to someone else.  Imagine how happy and delighted you would be if you were in the car behind me and you found out that your order was payed for by a stranger??  It would not only make my day but make my week, month and year as well.  I don't think I would ever forget it.  Give it a try - you won't be sorry.

Now I have always had this giant attraction to Cabbage Patch Kids.  I just love their little round, chubby, happy faces.  When Danielle was little, she would go to yard sales with me every week. I would buy all the CPK dolls I found.  The only ones I stayed away from were the ones that had ink on their faces.  That almost never comes out.  I didn't care if they were soiled or needed a stitch or two.  I would throw them in the washer with a load of towels and bleach.  Then I would air dry them.  They came out like new.  I have kept all Dani's dolls and she must have at least 12 CPK dolls.  Lots of clothing and shoes.  We also have a highchair, crib, carrier, diaper bag, and a few other items.  Now that we have Francesca, I have another adorable little munchkin to buy dolls for!  I have already gotten her 4 of them.  Last week I went to our local Goodwill outlet store.  I found 4 CPK there.  They were each a different size from the largest to the small beanbag doll.  Again I washed them in the washer and air dryed them.  I got to thinking about how I could bring more dolls into my house without my husband going crazy.  So........ I came up with this idea.  I would collect the dolls all year long and crochet the clothes for them.  Then next Christmas I would donate the dolls to the toy closet at Yale New Haven Hospital's Childrens Hospital.  I would get to buy all the dolls I wanted, crochet their clothes and then make other little girls happy by giving them away!  Chessie has been in Yale Childrens Hospital more times than any child should.  I have been with them when they were being discharged and got to go to the toy closet.  They always need more items for the kids and for all ages.  I am thrilled with my decision!  In the past two days I have already dressed one little girl doll and am working on a little boy premie beanbag doll (with a pacifier in his mouth)!  The girl doll came out absolutely beautiful and the boy is adorable!  My husband went crazy over them!  He is actually excited about my project!  Hooray!!!!!  I am even going to make a pacifier holder for his outfit so it does not get lost!  If any of you dear readers have any CPK dolls that you don't want let me know.  I would be happy to pay you for them and for the shipping.  There is a website that I found that has all info about CPK restoration.  They even have instructions on how to restring their yarn hair.  I can't remember which website it was but I did print out all the info so I would have it.  If I can find where it is I will be happy to share the link with you.

Well dear readers, thats all I have to talk about today.  I will photo the dolls and post the photos so you can admire my babies!  I hope you might even like the idea and want to do a project of your own for the childrens hospital in your area!  And don't forget those random acts of kindness!
Hugs to you all!