Sunday, February 28, 2010


I must appologize to my dear readers!  It has been a while since I last posted.  I have been occupied with family medical issues.  My daughter Danielle had surgery on Feburary 19 for removal of her gallbladder.
She has been having severe pain for several months and it got stronger and stronger.  She had an ultrasound of  her abdomen but it did not reveal anything wrong.  She then had to have a nuclear scan of her gallbladder and it revealed a severely diseased organ.  She had laparascopic surgery to remove it at one day surgery clinic at Hospital of St. Raphael in New Haven.  The surgeon was Dr. McLoughlin who removed my gallbladder in June of 2009.  She came through the surgery with flying colors but she had severe pain in her chest and shoulders from the CO2 gas they use during the surgery.  It can migrate to areas of the body and cause terrible pain.  This I did not expect!  It was awful to see my baby in such pain and I was helpless to do anything about it.  We had wonderful nurses in the recovery room that did everything they could for her.
I had lap surgery twice and never developed pain from the CO2.  I guess I was just lucky.  She is continuing to do well and went back to school on thursday.  She had enough of her mother hovering over her and waiting on her every little whim.

The good part of this month is that I have dressed 5 cabbage patch dolls for my charity project.!  I have finally photographed them and I must say that they are adorable.  I cannot wait until they are given to a sweet little child!  I hope that they bring comfort and joy to the reciever! There are full sized CP dolls, premies and a super small premis in the light pink outfit.  There is also a very small CP in the yellow and white dress with brown silky hair.   The green and white outfit with the bonnet is the one I finished today.
I am working on a green and white varegated yarn dress with a very rufflie skirt.  The skirt is so ruffled that it is taking forever to finish and there are more than 300 stitches in the skirt. I am going to put this dress on a full size CPK with bright orange yarn hair.  She will look just darling in the green.  The other CPK's are dressed in original CPK clothing.  They all have diapers and undershirts and socks on!  Just like a real baby.  The newborn size diapers fit them just right.  I have made a crochet sleeper for one doll and all it needs is to have the zipper sewn into it.  I bought all the crochet patterns for CPK I could find on ebay.  Crochetville had a whole bunch of patterns by "Darskie" I believe her name is Darleen Carlson who is a very talented designer.  She also has a lot of designs for Dora dolls and the American Girl dolls.  You just know that I printed every one of them.  The Dora outfits only fit the dress me Dora doll - the one with the pink underwear painted on her.  Evidently there are several different Dora dolls and the clothing does not fit the other sized dolls.  Our Chessie loves the Dora DVD's and I am looking for the Dora doll to get for her.  I plan on making all the outfits for her and giving them to her for Christmas.  She will be five years old and I think she will enjoy them.  As it is now, she likes her babies naked.  The same way that she likes to be!
I remember so well when Danielle was three and four.  After her bath she would jump up on my bed and dance naked in front of the mirror.  She thought it was hilarious and loved to watch herself!!  Her father and I would cringe every time she did this and would joke that our kid was going to be a stripper when she grew up.  THANK GOD! she is not!!!!  She cannot even believe that she did this.  Of course it is one of those stories that parents can use to blackmail their kid with - LOL!

The CPK doll in the above photo in the blue and white dress does not have anything wrong with her left eye.  Its just the flash reflecting in her eye.  So what do you think?  Do you like them?  Please leave me a comment.  I would love to her what you think about my babies!  When I showed them to Danielle, she said she thought I should keep them all.  She said she would start to play with dolls again if I did!  What a nut!
I am 60 years young and I want to play with them.   Hugs to you all!