Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hello dear reader,
I have posted photos of some of the christmas tree ornaments I have made using the same pattern for all of the "bulbs".  I used different yarns and threads.  I used worsted weight yarn with a gold crochet thread.  They came out heavier but I liked the weight and they hold up to the decorations.  I also used double strand of #10 thread.  These were a little smaller but still great.  I found som sequins in the shape of snowflakes and the greeting "Merry Christmas" in sequin material.  The others I used scrapbooking brads in different sizes, shapes and colors.
The candy cane ornaments were the ones I described in an earlier post.  They are from a current magazine.  They are just double crochet in a long string. I used white glue and water for stiffening and dried them on aluminum foil.  I love them and they are just adorable.
I did manage to make one snowflake out of #5 thread and It came out so cute.  I am not a big fan of making doilies and snowflakes,  I love the look of them but I don't enjoy crocheting them as nuch as I enjoy working with yarn.

The christmas trees are finally decorated and photos made.  I used garland on one but not the other.  I got sick and tired of burning my fingers on the hot glue so I didn't put garland on the second one.  I think that they look adorable anyways.  I had the cutest little vintage wooden ornaments and also some resin ones.  On one I glued some little wrapped packages onto the base of the tree.  One is for me and the other is for my niece and the kids.  I know that they will enjoy them.  Send me photos if you make one of my trees.  I would love to see what you have done.


Hello dear reader,
I have posted the photos of my butterfly pins that I crocheted.  I think they came out just adorable.  I love them all.  Each one has its own personality and won't they look lovely on a dress or coat?  The original pattern was from a blog I came across. I will try to post the link.  She made them with single strand of #10 thread but I found that they were too tiny.  I used double strand #10 thread and they came out just perfect.
I also improved upon the pattern by slip stitching all around the edges of the butterfly to make it a solid piece.  I had trouble with the craft wire that I had on hand because one was too thick and it would not go thru the hole in my bead and the other was on the thin side and the ends didnt curl as nicely as I would have liked.  When I go to the craft store again I will pick up some appropriate sized wire.  I believe a 22 or 23 gauge wire is probably the best size.   They are so quick and easy to make.