Wednesday, June 16, 2010

. SHABBILY EVER AFTER .: Please help me

My dear lovely readers,
While searching for beautiful blogs I came across the blog "SHABBILY EVER AFTER".  This dear sweet woman has a request for her beautiful friend who is blessed with a baby growing under her heart.  This lovely mom to be has had problems in the past.  We have been requested to pray for this dear lady who is carrying this miracle child and surround her with our prayers and love to keep them safe until the babe is born.  So beautifully will tear at the ribbons of your mother hearts.  So please take a minute to send love and blessings to them.  After all, LOVE is all powerful and no prayer ever goes unanswered.  Just think what our love sent to this mother and child will do for their lives!  Please be part of this miracle.  I send love to them and to all of you.  Wishing you peace, love and joy.

. SHABBILY EVER AFTER .: Please help me

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hello to all my dear readers!
I just love love love to read other people's crafty blogs.  I literally spend hours just going from one blog to another.  I always click on a blogs favorite blog and always find a wealth of new blogs to visit.  But I just discovered a new resource.  Now don't go saying DUH! when you hear about it.
I don't profess to being a computer expert - just moderately computer savvy. And there is always something new to learn.   So when I realized this new source I was soooooo excited! (it doesn't take much).  OK OK get with the program!
Well - you know the little box where the photos of followers are? And guess what?  I have 10 followers now!  I am honored that 10 wonderful people think I have something interesting to say and they actually want to read about it!  I just so happened to see a pic of a gal that looked just like my friend.  So I clicked on her photo and it took me to a box with info about her (the follower).  Now it wasn't my old friend but when her pic came up there were also links to other blogs that she follows!  How cool is that?  Now here's where you say DUH! for all of you that already knew this.  Well I had no clue.  Of course my daughter tells me all the time that I have no clue but what does she know anyways.....I'm much smarter than her.  After all, I am 38 years older than her and I have done and lived a lot in this ole lifetime.  OK, there I go off on a tangent attention Annette!  Oh yes, now where was I?  Having a menopause moment again....... ah! the new resource!  Of course!  (Now you can say DUH!)  And its not nice to laugh at me!  Focus now on what I'm saying.....So there you have it.  A great new source of inspirations.  I just love to see other gals take on life and crafts.  So many creative minds sharing so much joy.  How lucky can we get?  What ever did we do without blogs?  I swear, this alone will keep my brain from being old and stagnant.  Anything to keep dementia away right?  I think that is a really big dread for anyone who is facing the reality of getting older.  Just don't want to lose all the gray matter. Now if my mother was talking she would say "They say..." and then proceed with the thing that They said.  Now I ask you - Who in the Hell are "they" and what makes them the expert in this matter?  All my life I have heard what they said but never have been told just who the hell they are and how did they get so smart? Now if that is not maddening then I just don't know what is!  Why don't you go ask them????  So I will say.......... Scientists tell us( at least I know what and who scientists are) that our brain is like a muscle and needs constant exercise to keep it strong.  So the more we stimulate our minds the better off we are.  Keep those old neurons healthy guys!  Sort of like push-ups for the brain.  And I am all for exercising my brain.  Lord knows that this is the ONLY exercise I was ever Gung-ho for!!!!!  If I was interested in the physical type of exercise then I would be thin and strong and looking like Raquel Welch instead of good ole chubby me.  Now I use Raquel as an example cause I am closer to her age than I am to any young beautiful movie star that I could name.  And you have to admit the old girl sure is a beauty.  And at her age!  What exactly is here age, you ask? I did see her on Martha Stewart show promoting her new book (YES! I do watch Martha!!!!!)  Well, I think its close to 70.  Ohhhhhhhhhhh the big 70!  I only have 9 1/2
years to go before the big 7-0!  I am still trying to accept the big 6-0.  Damn!  I can't be 60 years old.  Old people are 60 years old and I am not AN OLD PERSON!!!!!! And if you think that I am an old fart then you can just stop reading this blog and go away!  No way!  No sir!  I am not an old person.  I will never be an old lady.  My mother allowed herself to become an old lady and I have not forgiven her for that but that's another post!  I really am only 39.  And in October I will be celebrating the 22nd anniversary of my 39th birthday!  So there, you see?  So much better than being an old 60.  Whew!  Now I feel better.  OK, now what was I saying?   Oh yeah................
So when I get to all these great blogs I get so energized.  I want to make and do soooo many things.  I print hundreds and hundreds of pages of good ideas and cool things that I want to do.
tinesy whittle nap!  See you all in a few.......... and in my next post I think I will tell you all how to make really good and authentic Italian tomato sauce.  Step by step and with all the little bits of knowledge about why you need to do it this way and what type of canned tomatoes to use etc. etc. etc.  So you will then be an expert in the art of authentic Italian sauce and understand what makes good and bad sauce.  And believe me.....there is more bad sauce than there is good sauce.  So get ready! And remember - No self-respecting Italian cook ever ever adds oregano to their pasta sauce!  Yuck!  Oregano is for pizza!  Never, never in spaghetti sauce.  So If I were you - I would just toss that jar of oregano or put it under lock and key and forget about ever using it in tomato sauce.............. Wishing you all peace, love and joy!