Monday, April 26, 2010

Never say Never - You will always end up eating crow!!

If there is anything that I have learned in my 60 years it is never to say never about anything.
One of my earliest lessons was when I was visiting with my sister-in-law Kathy.  She had two little boys just 11 months apart.  I was pregnant with my daughter.  We were chatting about babies and baby food and I remember telling her that my kid was never going to eat babyfood from a jar!  I was going to make all her food fresh from what we were eating for dinner.  I had already bought a little babyfood processor and was ready to go.  Yep, I was going to be Little Mommy Perfect!  Never buy any babyfood in jars.  Give my child only the freshest and best!.  Yea - right!!
Then came the birth of my daughter.  No babyfood worries for the first few months.  I went back to work at 7 weeks.  Worked full time and came home with baby.  Exhausted!  Frazzled! Disoriented!
Didn't know my butt from my elbow!  Reality Mommy 101.  Anything that is easy, causes less work and gives you more time to do important things.  Like cook supper, wash clothes, wash dishes, etc. etc. etc.   You get the picture right?  All you moms out there - laughing your asses off at my foolishness!  Babyfood in jars was the newest marvel of the 21st century.  A mothers
dream come true.  The greatest time saver ever.  And as I think back on it (hindsight is 20/20)
I don't think my kid ever ate homemade babyfood.  Ever!  Boy did that crow stick in my throat.
These sentences also go along with the babyfood line.............My kid will never do that........
I will not ever do that to my kid............Any mother that does that to their kid should be...........
OK OK OK.  You get the picture right??  All you guilty mothers out there - wipe that grin off you face!  Stop calling me those names.  After all, I am admitting to my transgressions!  One example was picking up a thrown or dropped object off the floor and washing it before returning it to the little darling!  How could any self respecting mother pick something up off a filthy floor and give it back to their child without washing it first?  This lasted for several months.  Until the day I was grocery shopping with my little darling.  My child would never ever take a pacifier.  If the nipple did not have liquid coming out of it she was not having any part of it.  I remember it was a particular tiring day at work and I had to go shopping on the way home.  My daughter had a bottle with her in the carriage.  She was content to just drink her bottle while I shopped.  Heavenly!!!!  Until she dropped it.  On the floor.  In the grocery store..
Where there were billions and billions of deadly bacteria all over the floor.  I bent down and picked it up.  Put it in my purse.  Then the screams started.  Louder and louder they became.
Mommy explained to baby that the bottle was now dirty!  She could not have it until it was cleaned.  Screams louder and louder.  Ugly looks from other shoppers.  Thought I was killing my kid. (I wanted to smack her but that would just make her scream louder)  You know how it is.  You have been there and done that.  Right?  Well I then did the right thing.......I picked up the bottle.......stuck the nipple in MY mouth to wash it..........and handed it back to the kid who promptly stopped screaming bloody murder and contentedly drank her bottle like nothing had ever happened.  When my daughter wanted to eat nothing or no one was going to get in her way of satisfaction or all hell would break loose.  Boy that crow got harder and harder to swallow.  And till this very day she will pitch a hissy fit if she dosen't get something to eat when she is patience at all.  Wants demand feeding or else.  Now I can just call her a crabby bitch and thats that!  Ahhhhhhhh.......soome lessions are easy to learn!


My latest crochet frenzie is making little blankets to go with my cabbage patch babies.  I have decided that each doll needs their own layette to go with them.  I belong to a monthly dishcloth exchange and need to make new dishcloths for my partner every month.  I belong to many different crochet groups.  They all have exchanges but some want a JIC (just in case) puffy sent to the group leader so if you become an exchange deadbeat they will send the JIC to your intended partner.  The only problem is that some groups expect the JIC to be this monumentally large package with about 50.00 worth of stuff in it.  I am exagerating just a tad  bit but I still think that this is too much to ask for a JIC.  I think that a monetary amount that would equal the project cost of yarn would be better.  Or how about just going on faith that you will come through if you sign up?  If you join a shawl exchange why do you have to send another shawl as a JIC??  I think that is a bit too much.  I have never not sent my exchange allbeit I have been late due to keeping track of time.  But I have always fullfilled my obligation.
So much for this gripe.  Any comments??  Would love to hear from you.  So far, I have not had any comments from anyone on any subject.  I guess people are just nervous about writing.
Come on guys!!  I need feedback!!  I want to know what you think of my writing?  Do I stink?
Do you like me?  Should I hang it up?   I love to hear from you all good or bad.
I wish you peace, joy and love always.  Like the TV show V on abc.....we come in peace always!
God, I love that show.  So scary that it could really happen.
Hugs to you all.